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Series One Rangefinder

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Play like an amateur. Feel like a pro. Free Shipping. 30 Day Returns.

  • 1,000 yard range Works on par 3's, par 5's, and even the occasional par 7
  • 7x magnification Get the right read, even from the wrong fairway
  • Slope-switch on/off button  Don't let slopes be your handicap
  • Built-in magnet If only your ball were this hard to lose...

    This isn’t just any old rangefinder… it’s a Caddied Golf rangefinder.

    Unparalleled accuracy? Check. Unbelievable affordability? You bet. A built-in beer holder that also puts your driver cover back on for you and grabs you snacks at the turn? We’re still working on that one.

    • Slope Switch Technology

      Toggle the slope feature on or off using the slide button on the side of the device. This makes our rangefinder tournement legal.

    • Built-in Magnetic Strip

      Never lose your rangefinder again. The built-in magnetic strip is uses a high powered magnet. Secure your rangefinder to a golf cart with confidence that it won't fall off.

    • Flag Lock Vibration + Visual

      The Series One Rangefinder will vibrate and visually indicate in the lens when you have locked onto your target.

    • Long Range, Insanely Accurate

      The longest range of any major golf rangefinder at 1100 yards. Lock onto your target quickly with a 0.5 sec target acquisition time. Accurate within +/- 0.5 yards.

    Technical specifications

    Everything the Caddied Golf Series One Rangefinder Has to Offer.

    • Top Features

      Slop Switch On/Off Button, Built-in Magnetic Strip, 1100 Yard Range, Flag-Lock Visual and Vibration Indications.

    • Device Specs

      7x Magnification, 4K Clearview LCD Display Screen. Water and Shock Resistent.

    • Performance

      0.5 Sec. Target Acquition Time, Accurate Within +/- 0.5 Yards. Measures in Yards or Meters.

    • Battery Life

      USB-C rechargable battery. Each charge lasts for about 50 rounds of golf. And is fully charged after 1 hour of charging.