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How We Got Started

We all play better with a shoulder to lean on. That club-suggesting, lie-reading, shit-talking voice in our ear telling us we can absolutely thread the needle between those two trees. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Someone who has your back, no matter how deep of rough you’ve landed in? 

Great gear. Great friends. A great game. Caddied Golf. At Your Side.

The idea for Caddied Golf was first started in April of 2022. We aim to provide amateur golfers with high quality, game enjoyment golf products at affordable prices. We strive to do that in everything we sell, starting with the Series One Rangefinder.

With the Series One in your hand, anything is possible. Go ahead, split the trees. Claim your awful slice is a “baby fade”. Drive the green when everyone says lay up. After all, it’s your game — we’re just here to help you make the most of it.

Stay in touch as we add more golf products to help you play your best and have fun on the course.